My Speaker Sessions

Why tech communities?

January 2021

I had the honor to talk at Safi Institute of Technology about the need of Tech Communities.I was able to convey how tech communities can be helpful in promoting peer to peer learning and bridging the gap between industry and students.

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Le Debut

January 2021

It was my pleasure to have spend 2 days with the freshmen of my college. The aim of the event was to ensure that students know what they are stepping into. We tried our best to give an overview about different things hey should focus during their time at college.

Open source and Hacktoberfest

October 2020

The session focused on Open source technologies and Hacktoberfest. It helped the students to get an overview about Hacktoberfest. The session also covered topics such as how to search for an open issue based on topics, how to create a pull request, etc.

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Getting Started with Java

September 2020

I had the opportunity to speak at Java study jam organised by College of Engineering Chenganoor. The session focused on concpets of conditonals, iterations and functions in Java.

DSC Induction Session

September 2020

The aim of the session was to introduce the students the importance being part of a community. It helped the attendees to get an overview about Developer Students Club and the activities we do. It was indeed a great start to my tenure as a DSC Lead

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Introduction to Git and GitHub

March 2020

It was my first session as a Microsoft Student Ambassador.It was th first time that I had a chance to teach people outisde Kerala. The session focused on the basics of Git an GitHub.

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Python Bootcamp

January 2020

The best experience I had as a speaker and a mentor. 16 day long bootcamp to teach python for students. I was able to teach more than 60 students. Many of them wrote their first line of code during the session. I had the opportunity to mentor many of the students to pursue their dreams.

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Explore ML

November 2019

It was my pleasure to have been an Explore ML Facilitator. During the session I was able to introduce about 80 people to the field of AI/ML. The session focused on providing an overview about Machine Learning , its real life applications and how to get started with it.

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Actions on Google

September 2019

It was a great opportunity to speak about virtual assistants. The event focused primarily on providing an overview about Google Assistant and the future of chatbots. A hands on session was conducted on how to build a google assitant action acion. I am proud to say that it helped so many students.

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Build your first chatbot

August 2019

It was my first session as speaker. I got the taste of teaching and mentoring from this session. During the session I taught about 40 students on how to create chatbots using Dialogflow and how to publish them to Google Actions Console.